Laura Escort Muenchen, exclusive escort Muenchen



2 hours 500€ 650€
3 hours 700€ 850€
4 hours 850€ 1050€
5 hours
6 hours 1150€ 1350€
12 hours (short Overnight) 1500€ 1700€
18 hours (long Overnight) 1800€ 2100€
24 hours(1 day)
2200€ 2500€
48 hours(2 days)
3000€ 4000€
each following day
1000€ 1200€
one week  7500€ 9500€
 The travel costs are from the residence of the escort lady at the agreed meeting point.
Munich Airport  50€
From 30 KM
From 80 KM
From 100 KM
From 150 KM
From 180 KM
From 350KM and more (Minimum booking duration 12 hours overnight)
air or train ticket
Vienna, Zurich, Swiss, Italy (Minimum booking duration 12 hours overnight)
air or train ticket + 100€ flat rate expenses allowance
Within the EU (Minimum booking duration 1 day)
air ticket + 150€ flat rate expenses allowance
Worldwide (Minimum booking duration 2 days)
air ticket + 200€ flat rate expenses allowance
Couple accompaniment additional charge: Fee x1,5
Dear Sir,
to  make our date for both of us as pleasant as possible and to avoid misunderstandings, I kindly ask you to read a few comments  below:

  • Please Note that the fee relates to the booked period of time and not for specific service (services)

  • Please present me with the fee at the beginning of our meeting in an unsealed envelope in cash in euros

  • You can make also payment with PayPal
  • Please Note that the fee is not negotiable

  • Please Note that the fee for BDSM, Fetish Outfits, Latex, Dominant&Submissive experience is higher than the classic fee, because it is a completely different dimension of erotic!

Thank you!